Yonkers Rising, formerly the Home News & Times, is one of nine weekly newspapers in Westchester County that make up Rising Media Group, LLC, established in 2007. The Home News & Times dates back to the 1950’s, when two Yonkers newspapers, the Yonkers Home News and the Yonkers Times, were purchased and merged.

Yonkers Rising is the official weekly newspaper of the City of Yonkers, and in addition to publishing the city’s legal notices and tax liens, we take great pride and responsibility in our designation as official newspaper. We have found that in a city as large and diverse as Yonkers, there are many, many positive stories that are not reported in other media. It is our goal to be the hyperlocal news source for the City of Yonkers, with a focus on the positive goings-on in and around the city.

In addition, we have improved our Web site, YonkersRising.com, to make it even more Yonkers-centered and up to date. Also, visit the Rising Times blog, at YonkersRising.com, for an in-depth discussion about important Yonkers events happenings.
Rising Media Group is also our proud of our student newspaper, called the Yonkers Student Grapevine, which is printed monthly during the school year and features content and photos submitted by student Grapevine reporters enrolled in the seven high schools in the Yonkers Public Schools. With a circulation of 25,000, and with each student taking home a copy of the Grapevine to be read by family and friends, both the Yonkers Student Grapevine and Yonkers Rising make up a local and positive news source that the City of Yonkers deserves. Both newspapers are also a wonderful advertising opportunity for businesses looking to penetrate the Yonkers market.

Find the Grapevine online here. In addition to Yonkers Rising, Rising Media Group also prints eight other Westchester weekly newspapers. Visit RisingMediaGroup.com to read, and download, the latest issues, or find them throughout the county at 150 different locations.

While there has been a lot of talk as of late about the downfall of the newspaper industry, true local newspapers continue to thrive and survive. Yonkers Rising is just that local newspaper (and Web site) for the 200,000 people of Yonkers, and we are working every day to make it better. Please help us in this worthy endeavor by sending your stories ideas, letters, comments, editorials, photos and announcements to dmurphy@risingmediagroup.com


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